Sunday, November 1, 2009


Indexing Götzen-Dämmerung. If anyone wants to read along and suggest any corrections or modifications for Twilight of the Idols, please post them as a reply to this particular post.

"..." indicates that the maxim or aphorism is not yet properly indexed.
"/" anything following this symbol will indicate unsolidified considerations for a possible category/subcategory.
"?" indicates a temporary and uncertain classification.

Maxims and Barbs (I)

1 - psychology
2 - ...
3 - Aristotle
4 - truth
5 - ...
6 - nature, the intellect / anti-nature
7 - God
8 - affirmation?
9 - ...
10 - action
11 - ...
12 - hedonism, English culture, ...
13 - women, God, ...
14 - ...
15 - ...
16 - women, truth, the value of truth
17 - ...
18 - the will, meaning
19 - ...
20 - women, the intellect
21 - the value of virtue? ...
22 - Russian culture
23 - German culture,
24 - history?
25 - women
26 - "systematizers...?"
27 - women
28 - women, the value of virtue?, the intellect
29 - conscience
30 - ...
31 - humility, ...
32 - authentic perspective versus inauthentic perspective?(good/bad, good/evil-like distinction)
33 - music
34 - the intellect, ...
35 - ...
36 - ...
37 - conscience?, authentic vs inauthentic perspective?
38 - conscience?, authentic vs inauthentic?
39 - ...
40 - conscience?, authentic vs inauthentic?
41 - conscience?, authenticity & inauthenticity?
42 - ...
43 - truth?value of truth?honesty?
44 - task/goal

The Problem of Socrates

1 - ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Primary Intention

Of course, reference to the index of several Nietzsche book translations provides a reference to historical figures and important terms from the text. References such as these will be provided in the index, but this is not what will make this index distinguishably useful.

My primary desire with this index, which will set it apart (and will make it more than just a total index), is to categorize terms which cannot be searched for in the books with Google Books (e.g. looking up a book and doing an internal search for a word) and cannot be found in most indexes. For example, if you want to search for passages that argue in regard to some topic from philosophy of mind or action theory, such topics would be useful categories since they represent the ideas of a particular aphorism and not the words in that aphorism.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Categories

Reply to this post with category suggestions and criticisms of the organization.

To view the full updated list click here.

I will use the body of this post to describe current problems:

How could the sub-categories for Morality, Ethics, and Values be distributed? Or should they all be one category with Morality as the primary?---the alternative could be Morality & Ethics as one category and Values as another category, but I'm having a difficult time distinguishing which categories would fall under each.

Recent Updates
08/31/2009: Added recently suggested subcategories.
08/15/2009: Added Music category and Nietzsche's Motifs category. Added several subcategories. Merged Intellectual Movement & Philosophical Tradition into Intellectual & Philosophical Movement. Separated Religion from Cultures & Civilizations.
08/14/2009: Changed Psychology & Psychoanalysis to Psychology & Physiology and added subcategories. Added Women to People.
10/07/2009: Added some subcategories to Intellectual & Philosophical Movement. Merged Morality and Values into Morality & Values.

[original post on 08/04/2009 @ 7:30pm]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Instructions

Reply to this particular post with suggestions on the layout and structure of the Nietzsche Grid website.

The Nietzsche Grid now exists on the internet! The basic foundation of the website has been uploaded (accessible from; what remains is the long task ahead of indexing all of Nietzsche's aphorisms. To begin this task, I am arranging a list of categories, each with subcategories, in which to place Nietzsche's aphorisms.

Please post your category suggestions as a comment in the next post.

I will keep the category list updated based on the feedback I receive. The subcategories are displayed as bullets. (Pre-formulating a category list in this way, I can keep the preliminary list in mind when I begin to read the texts for indexing. I image, however, that many adjustments will be made to the category lists while reading.)

Note: Each subcategory may exist in more than one category. Many aphorisms will be listed in more than one subcategory. Additionally, some categories may contain no subcategories and may list immediately the related aphorisms.

Additionally: Please provide a brief definition or a link to a virtual encyclopedic page (e.g.,, if you believe that the category or sub-category name may require further definition (e.g. if the category name is not immediately self-evident).