Friday, August 14, 2009

The Categories

Reply to this post with category suggestions and criticisms of the organization.

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I will use the body of this post to describe current problems:

How could the sub-categories for Morality, Ethics, and Values be distributed? Or should they all be one category with Morality as the primary?---the alternative could be Morality & Ethics as one category and Values as another category, but I'm having a difficult time distinguishing which categories would fall under each.

Recent Updates
08/31/2009: Added recently suggested subcategories.
08/15/2009: Added Music category and Nietzsche's Motifs category. Added several subcategories. Merged Intellectual Movement & Philosophical Tradition into Intellectual & Philosophical Movement. Separated Religion from Cultures & Civilizations.
08/14/2009: Changed Psychology & Psychoanalysis to Psychology & Physiology and added subcategories. Added Women to People.
10/07/2009: Added some subcategories to Intellectual & Philosophical Movement. Merged Morality and Values into Morality & Values.

[original post on 08/04/2009 @ 7:30pm]


  1. How about adding Ancient India under category: cultures and civilizations.

    And what about category: Nihilism.

  2. What about Women (as a subcategory under People) and Sexuality as a category? Or Drives/Instincts as a subcategory under Psychology & Psychoanalysis and Compassion/Pity as a category or subcategory? What about cross-referencing?

  3. You might also find some ideas for categories and subcategories in this book. Also, perhaps Music and Decadence should be categories or subcategories?

  4. This looks great. Some other categories or subcategories that come immediately to mind: Manu, Buddhism, priestly type/ascetic ideal, wholeness, fate, cruelty, thing-in-itself, soul/body...

  5. I like the replacement of psychoanalysis with physiology...

    Morality/Ethics of Custom (or whatever the best way to render "Sittlichkeit der Sitte")

    (Some of these me wonder if Morality should not have its own subcategories.)

    As for Religion, for what it's worth, I'm inclined towards it being a Category. Also, merely browsing the indexes of Nietzsche texts, like those of the Cambridge translations, or biographies, might produce some terms worthy of inclusion. I think most of the indexes can be viewed (and printed) in pdf here at CUP's site.

    By the way, please don't be bashful about deleting my posts. I'm just dropping in, at random, as suggestions come to mind and don't want to clutter the Comments. This is a helluva task you've set yourself. Thanks!

  6. What about Skepticism as a subcategorie in Intellectual & Philosophical Movement?

  7. What about categorising references to the places that Nietzsche visited or stayed at, e.g. Sils-Maria, Turin etc.

    Also, you might consider other philosophers, poets, and composers that Nietzsche comments upon such as Schopenhauer, Goethe, and Bizet. And those that he is less favorably disposed to.

  8. Now I think that Naturalism (or Moral Naturalism...) should have its place here too. The question is whether it should be placed at Intellectual & Philosophical Movement or Values.

  9. I would consider politics, morality, and values to be subcategories of ethics.

    At the risk of getting yourself in trouble, you may want to include a category called "nationalities" with the various groups he summarizes (his harsh quotes about the Germans in general come to mind).

    Also, have you set up an example of what step 2 would look like?

  10. In reply to the above "Poster".

    I had in mind that the category "Cultures & Civilizations" would be synonomous with what you characterize in the term "Nationalities". (e.g. an aphorism about the people in ancient Greece would fall under that culture and period listing, "Ancient Greece". An aphorism about the German people would fall under "Germany 17th-19th century" in this cultural category.) I hope this seems explicit in how this category, "Cultures & Civilizations" stands, but after some adventuring in the grid (once the grid has begun to include aphorism information) would make this apparent.

    An example of step 2 is pending my completion of a rough rereading of Twilight of the Idols. At which point I'll post the possible categories, to be discussed and rearranged based on anyone who wants to participate. Then, once a satisfactory list of categories is established in the "Twilight" blog post, I will transfer them onto the website. So you'll be able to click on some categories and see references to aphorisms in "Twilight".

    I'd have this up sooner were it not for a new semester of classes having begun. Nevertheless, I plan to have the rough list up by the end of this month of September.