Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Instructions

Reply to this particular post with suggestions on the layout and structure of the Nietzsche Grid website.

The Nietzsche Grid now exists on the internet! The basic foundation of the website has been uploaded (accessible from nietzschegrid.org/.com); what remains is the long task ahead of indexing all of Nietzsche's aphorisms. To begin this task, I am arranging a list of categories, each with subcategories, in which to place Nietzsche's aphorisms.

Please post your category suggestions as a comment in the next post.

I will keep the category list updated based on the feedback I receive. The subcategories are displayed as bullets. (Pre-formulating a category list in this way, I can keep the preliminary list in mind when I begin to read the texts for indexing. I image, however, that many adjustments will be made to the category lists while reading.)

Note: Each subcategory may exist in more than one category. Many aphorisms will be listed in more than one subcategory. Additionally, some categories may contain no subcategories and may list immediately the related aphorisms.

Additionally: Please provide a brief definition or a link to a virtual encyclopedic page (e.g. wikipedia.org, plato.stanford.edu, iep.utm.edu) if you believe that the category or sub-category name may require further definition (e.g. if the category name is not immediately self-evident).


  1. It would be nice if, for each aphorism, you could provide a hyperlink to Nietzsche Source (the Critical Edition, if not also, when it becomes available, the Facsimile Edition).

  2. That is a very good idea. I will incorporate that in the future.

  3. Just wanted to say that this blog is great idea. I thought of something similar and another Nietzsche blogger I used to read is trying to do something similar theNietzscheindex.blogspot.com

    Anyways the need for something like this is definitely out there. Good Luck.